Wednesday, December 1, 2010


My sisters mean a lot to me, some more than others, and one of my closest sisters is going through a divorce, which is a good thing it is long overdue.  Men are from Mars, women are from Venus is absolutely the truth.  Her husband does not have a clue how to be good spouse.  This man is an idiot.  He has been taking all her paychecks from the day they got married and not giving any money to her what so ever to spend.  .  People come up and say to her  I am sorry to hear that you are getting a divorce and she says do not be sorry, it is a good thing. She is living with us right now, and her three puppies.  Well they are not puppies.  But they are not the best dogs ever.  They are laying out my feet right now sleeping, we are just praying that the divorce will not be dragged out and she can get out on her own and live her life for once.

This is Cole he is a black cocker spaniel