Thursday, January 27, 2011

Finished hooking one and onto the next!

Hi everyone.....  I guess you all know it snowed again here on the east coast.  Well I think we have got 12 to 14 inches.  Not sure, did not wander out to see exactly but I am sure the pictures I took will give  you some idea...
Here I am peeking out the front door to take
 a picture of the shrubs and the front steps.  Where did the front steps go?

And these are the trees in our backyard. 

My sister's car covered with snow! 
 Good luck cleaning that off.

 deck railing and deck never have been covered so much. 

As you can see we have a roof over the deck, the 25 years
 that we lived here we never had to shovel this much snow off of it!!!
Could hardly see my bunny rabbits that sit on the railing.

Well enough about that four letter word that seems to be plaguing us here in Barto.  Spring is just around the corner.  I hope!

Well finished hooking my snowman rug.  It is not yet whipped and pressed but I thought I would show you a picture anyway..

Still have not decided the color yarn to use to whip but it will come to me slow but sure . After I second-guess myself a few times!

 close-up of the snowman.

I remember telling everybody that I was not going to do a snowman next. And I had my next project already picked out ,the pattern's name is Star Spangled Horse. By Searsport..

Hope you can see the pattern on the pictures good enough! 

I got this pattern a few years ago. Joanne and I were in Vermont
when I bought it and I think it could be at least three years ago if not four.....And you really do not want to know how many more I have stashed away to hook, that is one reason why I am trying not to buy any new patterns until I hook the ones I have  but it is soooooo difficult when I see one I really like.I have the same problem with wool ,I think I have more wool than  100 sheep  could produce , just kidding ! I think,maybe not.

Have not decided on the colors yet but any suggestions would be greatly appreciated I am not really a red white and blue person, (but I am heading in that direction) guess if it is done with a dark cream and old Christmas Red and also a dark colonial blue is one of my ideas.  Of course, the horse would be a brown or rust color and the horse's mane would be vice versa.  And of course the tree trunk would be a brown  Leaves on the tree would be the color green .

Please if you have any suggestions please leave a comment I would greatly appreciate it!
Thanks everybody.  Have a great day!

Friday, January 21, 2011


TGIF...Don't know about everybody, but it sure was a long week for me snow and freezing rain earlier in the week, and now more snow to deal with this morning.  I am so ready for spring! We had to miss the hookin at Grant Street yesterday (boo hoo), which I enjoy very much.  Joanne IM me on Wednesday and asked if I wanted to go.  I was so excited on the thought of going but soon my excitement came to a halt because of the weather report of snow.  Joanne said we would wait until morning to see if the weather changed, but of course not.  That would have been a wish come true.  She said she would call me in the morning if she was going, well never got the phone call, so I knew it was going to be another boring day.

Later  I saw Joanne on the PC and we were talking back and forth about maybe going in a couple of weeks. Cannot wait to see everybody .  Thank God for Joanne, who does not mind driving to Chambersburg.  She is a good friend, and I enjoy her company.  We never seem to run out of things to talk about on the whole trip.

Thursday was a good hooking day at home got more of my snowman finished, the rug is coming along and should have it done very soon.

                                     Here is an earlier picture of the snowman rug I am working on.

                                      And here is another picture with more of the border finished.

With all this snow you would think I 'd be tired of doing snowmen but that is something that  takes me back to my childhood, playing in the snow and building snowmen,with my brothers and sisters, sledding and ice-skating, which I  don't  do anymore, now I just watched the grandchildren enjoy it. Sledding was so much fun, I remember three or four of us on one sled coming down Crow Hill , years ago we did not have to worry about the traffic like we do now.

                       This is a snowman gift from my secret pal, (at the hookin) which is so adorable. 
                                                   I never met a snowman, I did not like!
                                                             THANK YOU SECRET PAL!

             Some good pictures, I want to share with you are of my husband John relaxing.

One good thing about the dogs resting on John is it keeps him very warm and he leaves his fingers off the thermostat!

I know he will surely miss Cole, Caramel and Josie .
And I am sure they will miss him too.

I am so glad that John gets along with my sisters dogs, it dosen't feel like she has been living with us for two months already.  We both know that she will be moving out after her divorce is final. 

Well there is a lot I want to get accomplished today maybe get my rug finished because I already know what my next project is going to be and I cannot wait to get it started.  Guess what it is not a snowman!!!

Everyone have a good day and even a better weekend!

Friday, January 14, 2011


Waking up to snow this morning was an awesome sight.  Do not get me wrong I do not like to drive or walk in the white fluffy stuff, but it sure takes pretty pictures.
here is a photo from inside my dining room door
and here is a better picture of the backyard from the deck
see the little red burn barrel and all the way back is the creek
where the trees start to go up the hill.

I just love the clean white snow but we all know it get dirty so fast .

Well enough about the snow.  Just wanted to post some of my chair pads that I know I did not show at the hook in.  These are not hooked rugs.  They are the punch needle seat covers and I designed the pattern myself

I made the four chair pads the same

and here I made the captain's chairs a little different
they were really fun to do, had them done in no time. 
I wanted something quick, fast and easy .
Made all six chair pads in three days.

  Now here is a project that took me several years to finish and only took about 20 years to get it framed.
  This is an embroidery picture of the Last Supper.  Every line had to be done with one strand of thread.
To tell you the truth it was really fun to do but I still like things to get done faster.  That is why I enjoy rug hooking and punch needle and punch rug.

Was feeling a little sad about taking down all the Christmas decorations but the sun is out so nice.  I really cannot wait for spring.  January and February are my worst just cannot seem to get out of my depression state but good friends like Joanne, Kathy, Beth, Linda, and Jill are so great to be with at the hook in on Thursdays.  I just love those gals, they really can make me laugh  .

So I hope everyone has a Happy New Year and a healthy one!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Grammy's Boy

Oh where does the time go.  It seems like only yesterday that my daughter came and told me that she was adopting her foster child.  He was this cute little three-year-old that we fell in love with  immediately.  That little boy had been through so much when he first came but he always seemed to have a smile on his face.  Not only did his heartbreak when his mother died, but my heart ached double for the loss of my daughter and the loss of his mother.  This grandson is growing into a wonderful young man.

      I was just on Facebook and could not believe some pictures of my grandson wrestling, he is growing up so fast and he just loves playing sports(his mother would be proud).  Here is one of his wrestling pictures that somebody took:

here is Cody getting ready to start his match
I cannot believe how tall he is look at the muscles. 
No wonder all the girls are chasing him 

and here is Cody pinning down his opponent. 
I do not think his opponent had a chance
because when he puts his mind to something, there is no stopping him
and here he is winning the match

We are so lucky and proud to have him  in our lives.  He is one of the sweetest boys I know maybe I am just prejudice because I am his Grammy and like to spoil him.  But that is okay because that is what Grammies are supposed to do.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Oh no not again!

Hello every body, just wanted to keep you posted that the white stuff is still coming down in Pennsylvania it is 11:00 AM and my husband is out cleaning the driveway....  they are predicting 2 to 3 more inches....  He was hoping he would not have to snow blow ,but I guess it was wishful thinking.

                   The poor guy is out there now getting ready for the next snowfall, which is falling.  
here is John starting up the driveway which you can see
it has a slight rise to it.... Like I always say if I can get out of the driveway.  I can get anywhere .
and here he is starting back down the driveway

there was more snow out there than I really anticipated.  And now they are predicting at least 2 to 3 inches more OH NO !!!!   Even the poor dogs don't know where to go to .  We did not get time to shovel out their little fenced in area but they are making the best of it.

These are my sisters dogs the the sister that is staying with us for a while
they are really good dogs.  We put up a temporary fence because she was afraid they would see a squirrel or rabbit and chase after it ...  They come from the big city of  Boyertown and do not see many wild creatures, so they are not used to them.

This is Cole sitting waiting for me to let him in.  He is probably thinking, boy, this lady is nuts standing out here taking pictures in the cold
and here is Caramel.  She is sitting very patiently for me to let her in.

And Josie looks like she is thinking.  This lady is crazy making us sit out here and pose for pictures.
And here are all three of them waiting for me to let them into the dining room .

These dogs are very well trained.  Must be because I did not teach them.  I never have luck training dogs.  They trained me!

Well I have to go now.  Got some laundry to do and so forth .  Hope you enjoy my little update.  Hope to be  blogging sooner and keep you posted on my extraordinary life.