Friday, March 4, 2011

It's Started!

   Hello everyone!   Just wanted to give you an update on the Star-Spangled Horse rug.  Got it started and I am very happy with the color choice and with Kathy's help. (Kathy if you are reading this please save more of the blue Star color wool for me.) 

I really enjoyed hooking the horse
as you can see I still have a long way to go but are truly enjoying the stripes which I did not think I would be able to tolerate... It is very relaxing and calming to work on.
The colors are a little washed out with the flash ,I have not taken any pictures with my better camera for a while . Have all kinds of doodads on it.  Got to read the manual to figure out how to use it again.

                               Will be keeping you posted on the progress...

The reason I am using my better camera instead of point and shoot is it has very good telephoto zoom lenses.... Was just curious how high the Creek was after all that rain, so I got the camera loaded up the strongest lens and zoomed in on the water...  It was so much easier than me walking down through the mud and taking a closer look.

The water was high but not as high as we saw it already.

We only had one close call and that was a few years ago when there was a hurricane ,something must have dammed up the creek downstream and it flooded almost up to the detached garage.  The neighbor had built a shed right on the edge of the bank of the creek and the water had so much force if floated over on our lot... He had a little rowboat and that just floated away. 

The snow is almost gone and that is fine with me.  Spring is just around the corner and I am so ready for it.... Love that it stays lighter out at night. And is also lighter in the morning, makes me feel better ..

Well I just wanted to post a few pictures of the rug and hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!!