Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Spring Has Sprung!

Hello everybody... Well here in Barto, Pennsylvania.  Spring has sprung!  And with the April showers we will surely be getting May flowers.... Trees in the backyard that were covered with snow are now covered with light green buds..... Neighbors all around are taking walks with their children and their dogs .... People I have not seen all winter are finally emerging from their houses... Come to think of it they probably think the same thing about me, she is finally getting out from the house...... I have a niece that lives across the street and believe me, she keeps her tabs on my comings and goings, just like I keep my tabs on her comings and goings, we are always teasing each other , I would really miss her if she would move, she is  so comical when we get together, never a dull moment with Donna around..... I am sure she is up there thinking right now.  Why hasn't uncle John started to mow yet... Because she is always joking how perfect his yard is.... I have to admit the man is a little anxious when it comes to his yard... I accidentally got off the driveway and into the grass, he thought the world was coming to an end.... I just laughed, and told him things happen...what can I say.... I know he takes pride in keeping the yard and pushes in perfect condition... I told him I would mow the yard, but he wants no part of that ..He said I would probably mow in the wrong direction.  Now I tell you.  Did you ever hear of such a thing?  Mowing in the wrong direction.  Don't you just start the mower ,put the blades down ,put it in gear and go.... Well maybe not!

Been working on my stars spangled horse rug and it is coming along quite well.... The stripes were a little more challenging than I expected..... Making sure that each stripe had five rows in it...... and to keep them perfectly straight was a little overwhelming at times....... but they are finally completed.....

I have the eight blue stars to finish in the side bars.  I am also thinking about doing a border around it . 

And of course, every time I lay the rug down to look at it.  I have a furry little creature on it.... This time it is Josey who absolutely loves to take a nap on the rug ....
It will not be long now it should be finished in the next couple weeks....

My granddaughter Annika was very busy last month... She celebrated her seventh birthday!!1
She also was in a theater play called Pinocchio 2.... She auditioned and was given the part of Amy... Here are a few pictures of the play.

 Here she is singing with Pinocchio and her actor sister
waiting patiently for her lines

 Here it was time for her solo and not nervous at all!
The family wants to adopt Pinocchio.

We are so proud of our little star!  She did not get any of her lines wrong and her songs she sang were so good, in fact all the children in the play were absolutely wonderful.  I enjoyed it so much....

She is going to try out for the encore theater group again... They really work with the children to build self-esteem and help them work on their vocal skills...... this is a wonderful group of people sharing their talents with the local children.....

Later that evening I took my oldest granddaughter Gabrielle to see Phantom of the Opera performed by Boyertown area Senior high school.....  Words cannot express how impressed I was with the school's performance... I have seen Phantom of the Opera in New York two times.  Never in my wildest dreams did I think a high school could put on a performance that matched New York..... But I was wrong!...  These high school students were magnificent ..... Gabrielle and I loved the show, I asked her if she was singing along when the character Christine was singing the song Think of Me, she smiled and said not out loud Grammy!!!....  Later that night Gabrielle slept over and went with us to early church, after church we went for breakfast with my brother and several of my sisters and their husbands... This is becoming a Sunday morning ritual early mass, breakfast after with family.

 Wishing everyone a wonderful rest of the week and a great weekend!