Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Verdicts In!

Well, I am not sure if I told everybody that I was having extreme pain the last couple of weeks..... My gums swelled up and my lips look like I was injected with Botox .... And my eye looked like I was punched by Mohamed Ali.....  Did not know if it was a tooth or sinus infection, but the verdicts in I need a root canal ,not happy about it, because I do not know what to expect.... We are talking about a person that never had a cavity for 52 years of her life and now all of a sudden I am in my 60s, 
everything is falling apart the knees, hips, the eyes, you name it and I got it.  Well, onto more joyful topics , which includes pictures of my grandchildren, on grandparents day, their school had a open house to see their classrooms.... Wow déjà vu! brings back memories.  Those were the same classrooms my husband and I attended.
This is Gabrielle.  She is in third grade.  She loves school, she takes violin lessons, also in dance class, she loves to sing.... She is in the children's church choir and enjoys that very much.  She surprised me by telling me she was going to sing Think of Me from the Phantom of the the next talent show at school ..She gave my sister and me a sneak preview of what she was practicing..... We both looked at each other and said , my goodness, I am getting goosebumps !

This is Annika she is in first grade and loves school also ...she does have the middle child syndrome though and I know how she feels, she plays soccer, and loves to sing, she tried out for a theater group and was cast in Pinocchio 2.  She even has her own solo, which Grammy cannot wait to go to ... Last year at the school talent show( now remember, this is when she was in kindergarten).  She sang Bad Bad Leroy Brown.... And if you ever listen to the words you can understand my concern.But her Grammy has her brainwashed and the other two grandchildren that Celtic thunder is their favorite group.... Hopefully this year.  I can talk her into singing A Bird Without Wings.

Now here we have Andrew he is four and is heading for kindergarten in September, he is not happy about it, but I am sure he will get used to it.  They have all day sessions and it is going to be a long day for him.. He also likes coming to Grammy's and playing wii.   I do not have the heart to tell him he is wearing me out.  He has boundless energy, wish I could bottle it and drink some so I can keep up with them..

Just look at those smiles!!!  Their smiles make me smile!

Also was surprised by my husband with some flowers and a balloon for Valentine's Day !

Well Tuesday  I am scheduled for my root canal.  I guess everything will be okay , I heard  the survival rate of a root canal is really good,... I just better make sure I take a nerve pill  before I go .. The dentist scares me..... Sooner go to the gynecologist...Well have a nice rest of the week!!!