Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Grammy's Boy

Oh where does the time go.  It seems like only yesterday that my daughter came and told me that she was adopting her foster child.  He was this cute little three-year-old that we fell in love with  immediately.  That little boy had been through so much when he first came but he always seemed to have a smile on his face.  Not only did his heartbreak when his mother died, but my heart ached double for the loss of my daughter and the loss of his mother.  This grandson is growing into a wonderful young man.

      I was just on Facebook and could not believe some pictures of my grandson wrestling, he is growing up so fast and he just loves playing sports(his mother would be proud).  Here is one of his wrestling pictures that somebody took:

here is Cody getting ready to start his match
I cannot believe how tall he is look at the muscles. 
No wonder all the girls are chasing him 

and here is Cody pinning down his opponent. 
I do not think his opponent had a chance
because when he puts his mind to something, there is no stopping him
and here he is winning the match

We are so lucky and proud to have him  in our lives.  He is one of the sweetest boys I know maybe I am just prejudice because I am his Grammy and like to spoil him.  But that is okay because that is what Grammies are supposed to do.


  1. what a handsome guy... those muscles are amazing.. Im assuming he lifts weights.. and by the way tell him to stay away from those know how they can be!! ;)

  2. Nettie!!! Horay! I didn't know you had a blog!
    I am so glad you left a comment for me!
    I haven't been up to Grant Street for a while because I hate to go out of the house in the cold. If humans could hibernate, I'd be doin' it!
    Hope you show some pictures of what you're working on now.
    Your grandson is a very handsome young man. I can see why you are proud of him!
    Please keep in touch. Feel free to email me.
    Hope to see you in the sprimng if not before.

  3. congrat's to your grandson winning his match Nettie! He's a cutie, and what muscles!!! Glad you pointed it out to me about not being on my sidebar. you are now :).!!

  4. Nettle, you have every right to be proud and to spoil him. He is a really a good looking boy and blessed to have a gram like you! So glad you came last week! You and Joanne really surprised me! What fun we have, we act like a bunch of high school girls.